MA 1779, 60 g Tab (Blood Pressure Balance)


Maharishi AyurvedaBlood Pressure Balance

Helps support heart function and maintain normal blood pressure

Poor diet, an unbalanced lifestyle, lack of exercise and stress can result in high blood pressure which can lead to stoke and heart disease.

Ayurveda sees the heart as the seat of Ojas, the substance that maintains health and promotes bliss and longevity. Cardio Support increases Ojas by providing targeted nutrition. This helps maintain normal and clear arterial walls, by aiding healthy digestion and by balancing fat metabolism.

Boerhavia, Jatamansi, Indian Frankincense and Arjuna, help reduce stress and balance blood pressure. Finally, it supports the blood, muscles and heart functioning, to help keep your heart healthy as you age.

Supports your heart health as you age

  • nourishes and nurtures your heart
  • helps strengthen the heart for emotional challenges
  • fortifies multi levels of the heart muscle
  • helps cleanse the cardiovascular channels and assists blood flow
  • enhances natural resistance to stress


60 tablets 60g, 30 days supply.

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Take 1 tablet twice daily with warm water


  • Indian Sarsaparilla 18.50%
  • Red Spreading Hogweed 16.20%
  • Indian Spikenard 13.88%
  • Haritaki 9.26%
  • Indian Frankincense 9.26%
  • Arjuna 6.48%
  • Katuki 4.62%
  • Garden Cress 4.62%
  • Shilajit 2.77%
  • Prickly Chaff Flower 2.32%
  • Climbing Staff Tree 2.32%
  • Bael 2.32%


  • excipient: binder – Gum Arabic 1.85%
  • excipient: Rice hulls 2.76%
  • excipient: Rice bran extract 1.85%
  • excipient: Opadry naturpure 0.47%


It contains some diuretic and detoxifying herbs so if blood pressure is low take MA686 (2 tablets twice a day) in addition to MA1779.

Allergy advice: Contains

None known.

Regulatory Status

Food Supplement.

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