AMA CLEANSE G, 30 g Tab, MA 1663 (Detox Pitta)


Maharishi AyurvedaDetox Pitta

Cleansing and Cooling

Strong body odour is a sign of an over-accumulation of Pitta Dosha in your body. It also indicates that the excess Pitta is blocked and not being eliminated in the normal way.

Pitta governs heat, metabolism and transformation. Pitta imbalances occur due to foods, lifestyle and weather that over-stimulate your internal fire. Spicy foods, stress, work pressure and hot weather can result in a toxic Pitta build-up.

Some internal cleansers only purify the colon and digestive tract. Detox Pitta detoxifies your whole body and helps reduce strong body odour, by supporting the natural purification of the liver and metabolism.


60 tablets – 30g, 30 – 15 days supply.

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Take 1-2 tablets twice daily with water after meals


  • Indian sarsaparilla 23.17%
  • Rosewood 19.31%
  • Indian madder 10.86%
  • Indian sarsaparilla 7.24%
  • Indian bedellium 5.79%
  • China root 5.79%
  • White sandalwood 5.79%
  • Priyangu 5.79%
  • Gulancha Tinospora 3.62%
  • Liquorice 3.62%
  • East indian walnut 3.62%
  • Cobra’s saffron 1.93%


  • excipient: binder – Gum arabic 1.98%
  • excipient: Rice hulls 0.99%
  • excipient: Rice Bran extract 0.49%



Allergy advice: Contains:

None known.

Regulatory Status

Food Supplement.

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