MA3697 Guggul / Mountain Ebony complex


Maharishi AyurvedaMA3697 Guggul/Mountain Ebony complex


The 12 herbs & fruits used in this preparation work synergistically to help balance both an underactive and an overactive thyroid.

It reduces imbalances in the Kapha (earth/water and structure) element in the body and helps flush toxins, sluggishness and ama, or accumulated wastes, from the lymphatic system and the digestive system.

It is found to be beneficial for any sinus congestion cause by a sluggish lymphatic system. In the Ayurveda tradition it is also prescribed to reduce swellings in the neck and goitre, lower excess weight and cholesterol, assist with menstrual disorders, and clear inflammatory skin disorders.

As prescribed by your practitioner

We have a wide selection of herbal and mineral supplements that Maharishi AyurVeda practitioners prescribe for specific individuals. If you have had a consultation from one of our practitioners, and wish to know why MA3697 Guggul/Mountain Ebony complex has been recommended, please discuss this with your practitioner.

These special herbal preparations are carefully formulated by Ayurvedic experts according to the original traditional texts.


60 tablets, 30g.

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Take 1-2 tablets twice daily with warm water or warm milk.



  • Guggul 47.17%
  • Mountain Ebony 22.73%
  • Amla 4.55%
  • Haritaki 4.55%
  • Bibhitaki 4.55%
  • Three-leaved Caper 2.27%
  • Black Pepper 2.27%
  • Ginger 2.27%
  • Long Pepper 2.27%
  • Cardamom 0.57%
  • Cinnamon 0.57%
  • Cassia Lignae 0.57%



  • excipient: Gum Arabic 0.94%
  • excipient: Rice Bran extract 1.89%
  • excipient: Rice hulls 0.94%
  • excipient: Organic Maize Starch 1.89%



Long term uses not recommended during pregnancy unless advised by your health advisor.

Allergy advice: Contains


None known.

Regulatory Status


Food Supplement.

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