VATA BALANCE, 50 g Tab, MA 1401 (Peace of Mind)


Maharishi AyurvedaPeace of Mind (MA1401)


Supports natural calmness, focus and decisiveness

  • Helps maintain calm mind and emotions without reducing alertness
  • Maintain calm and alertness at the same time

When feeling pressured or tired, a minor irritation can turn into a major blow up. It’s not the incident, but the ability to cope with it that determines how stressful a situation is. The way your body reacts to stress is immediate and automatic. So improving your stress response is vital for your health and longevity. Peace of Mind tablets support the mind’s natural ability to function in a calm, focused and decisive fashion.


50 tablets 50g

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Take 1 tablet twice daily with water after meals. Not recommended before bed.



  • Aswagandha 30.89%
  • Indian Spikenard 30.89%
  • Liquorice 8.23%
  • Gulancha Tinospora 6.59%
  • Aloeweed 6.18%
  • Indian Pennywort 6.18%
  • Black Lipped Oyster Pearl 3.3%
  • Greater Galangal 1.64%
  • Gulancha Tinospora 0.83%



  • excipient: binder – Gum Arabic 2.85%
  • excipient: lubricant – Magnesium stearate 0.47%
  • excipient: lubricant – Talc 0.47%
  • Coating – HPMC 1.48%



Unsupervised combination with Peace at Night tablets (MA107) is not recommended.

Allergy advice: Contains:


Molluscs – Black lipped oyster pearl.

Regulatory Status


Food Supplement.

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