MA 99 TRIKATU CHURNA, 30 g Powder (Trikatu with Clove)


Maharishi AyurvedaTrikatu with Clove (MA99)

Digestion is one of the first body functions to suffer in the case of stress and tumultuous emotions, as well as improper self-care, eating on the run, a lack of exercise, and inappropriate or imbalanced diet.

According to Ayurveda, most imbalances in the body begin with boggy, sluggish, or otherwise inefficient digestion. Trikatu with clove is a wonderful tool for getting the digestion back on track, and it can play an instrumental role in stoking the digestive fire that is so needed for optimal health.

Helps Keep Digestion Strong

Trikatu supports the health of the stomach and helps keep digestion strong. Being a stronger digestive than “Herbal Digest” it is specially suitable after a heavy meal. Trikatu is three strongly pungent spices with added Clove.


Power: 50g

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Take 2-4 grams 2-3 times daily with water. May be mixed with honey to support respiration.

  • Ginger 33%
  • Black Pepper 33%
  • Long Pepper 33%
  • Clove 1%


Not recommended when Pitta is high, and not to be used by pregnant women.

Allergy advice: Contains:

None known.

Regulatory Status

Food Supplement.

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