MA 5 AMRIT KALASH, 30 g (Ambrosia Tablets)


Maharishi AyurvedaMaharishi Amrit Kalash

Ambrosia Tablets (MA5)


MAK Ambrosia is one of Ayurveda’s most powerful rasayanas (rejuvenators), promoting vitality and strength in both mind and body. 13 whole rare herbs and fruits are combined in precise proportions to creating a synergy that is greater than the sum of its parts.

It has been designed to promote the optimum functioning of mind, brain and nerves. MAK Ambrosia boosts mental potential and enhances three types of mental function: acquisition, retention, and recall of information. This all-natural, pesticide-free blend is said to promote Ojas, the finest body tissue and traditionally seen as central to long life and perfect health.

Take with Maharishi Amrit Kalash Nectar Paste (MA4)


Contents 60 tablets 30g or about 30 days supply.

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Take 1 tablet twice daily preferably on an empty stomach. Chew or swallow whole with a sip of milk or water.

Children up to 2 years – 1/4 adult dose; 2-4 years – 1/2 adult dose; 5 or more years – adult dose.



  • Aswagandha 20%
  • Giant Potato 20%
  • Liquorice 20%
  • White Shatavari 20%
  • Three-leaved Chaste Tree 2%
  • Tinospora 2%
  • Amla fruit 2%
  • Black musale 2%
  • Aloeweed 2%
  • Caper bark 2%
  • Indian asparagus 2%
  • Elephant Creeper 1%



  • Binder – Gum Arabic 4%
  • Lubricant – Talc 0.49%, Magnesium Stearate 0.49%

How Long to Continue Use?


May be taken continuously for maximum benefit.






Made in India – Manufactured by: Maharishi AyurVeda Products Pvt. Ltd., Noida SEZ – 201305, India.

ISO 22000 certified. Mfg license no. A 2935/99.

Allergy advice: Contains


None known.

Regulatory Status


Food Supplement.

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