Maharishi AyurvedaSilver Plated Tongue Scraper

The ancient Ayurvedic recommendation of tongue scraping is one that is often overlooked.

Start your day with freshness and lightness and make tongue cleaning part of your morning oral hygiene routine. Free the delicate taste buds at the back of the tongue simply and effectively from bacterial deposits, which build up on the tongue during the night. It only takes a few seconds, protects against bad breath and prevents toxins and micro-organisms from finding their way back into the body again.

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In addition to brushing the teeth Ayurveda puts great emphasis on gently scraping the top surface of the tongue in the morning to remove any deposits that may collect there overnight.


Use gentle pressure and scrape the tongue 2-3 times with the curved end. Rinse the tongue cleaner under warm water.

  1. Brush teeth with Ayurdent Toothpaste or Ayurdent Toothpowder.
  2. Clean tongue every morning with tongue cleaner.
  3. Rinse with 1-2 tablespoons of sesame oil. Do not swallow.
  4. Refresh the mouth with Ayurdent Mouthwash, as and when necessary.
  5. After meals, chew fennel seeds, cardamom seeds or aniseeds.

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