By Happy Butter

Happy Butter makes award-winning Organic Grass-fed Ghee in the West Country. Happy Butter ghee is made only using Organic UK sourced butter. Ghee is a fantastically versatile product that can be used in cooking as a replacement for nut and seed oils, or straight out of the jar in something like Bulletproof Coffee or just as a butter replacement on crackers.

Ghee can be used on the skin and makes a fantastic lip salve. Suitable for Keto, Paleo, GAPS, FODMAP, Whole30, Banting, and of course traditional Ayurvedic diets, as well as cooking oil for every day. Happy Butter ghee is casein and lactose-free and abundant in vitamins A D E & K. It is grass-fed too! Happy Butter is licensed by the Soil Association.

What is Ghee?
Ghee is a clarified butter. It is cooked slowly, over many hours, which removes the milk solids and water leaving only the pure butter oil. The cooking process leaves the Ghee lactose free and increases its smoke point, making it a great fat to cook with. Even at high temperatures, Ghee remains stable and does not burn. Ghee is best known in Indian culture as a cooking ingredient. It is also used in Ayurvedic medicine and is thought to promote appetite and to assist with gut and bowel function. It has been around for thousands of years and indeed there are pots of Ghee in Hindu temples that are thought to be close to 900 years old.

Ghee, which is primarily made up of saturated fat can be used in everyday cooking. The inclusion of saturated fat in our diet is a contentious issue. Saturated fat has been demonised since the 1970’s. Government guidelines advising us to eat a low-fat diet to prevent heart disease are now hotly debated.

  • There are many studies that do not find any significant links between a high fat diet and heart disease. 1235
  • Although recent research shows that there are positive health benefits to be had by replacing some saturated fat with polyunsaturated fat, when cooking, saturated fat is much more stable and less likely to oxidate and therefore healthier than the polyunsaturated vegetable, seed and nut oils. 413
  • Saturated fat is known to be a vital part of a healthy diet as it is necessary in many processes that go on in the body. 6
  • Ghee is also a source of Butyrate, a very beneficial short chain fatty acid. 7
  • Ghee contains the essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9. 7
  • Ghee contains vitamins A, E and K. 7
  • Ghee can be used in frying, baking and as an ingredient in its own right.

So, if you are cooking, use Ghee as it is stable and healthy as part of a varied diet.

Why Happy Butter Ghee?
Happy Butter Organic Ghee is made from organic West Country Butter, it is Soil Association approved and carefully made in small batches. It has a delicious nutty almost caramel taste that brings out great flavour in your cooking. Our Ghee has no imported ingredients, making it a true British product. We are a small family business based in South Devon who are committed to exceptional quality.

What is Golden Ghee?
Happy Butter Organic Golden Ghee It is a new and innovative product made with Happy Butter Organic Grassfed Ghee and a potent infusion of 1g organic fresh turmeric root per 10g ghee. We believe that the turmeric is better integrated in to the ghee using fresh turmeric root rather than dried and powdered turmeric.

How do you use Golden Ghee?
To be used in everyday cooking such as frying or scrambling eggs, sauteing vegetab les, frying fish or roasting vegetables, meat and fish. Golden ghee is also delicious as a Golden Milk. Froth with milk or non dairy milk and a pinch of pepper for a fix of healthy fats and turmeric.


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